Lopez’s Explicit Gender Role Reversal

Typically on television and YouTube you will watch music videos unaware of the subtle, powerful impact they are having on society. Artists, especially feminists, are currently using this source of influence to benefit society by representing the woman with strength and independence. Similar to how Katy Perry once exhibited strength in her “Roar” music video, Jennifer Lopez attempts to follow in pursuit for the feminist cause. In her new music video for her catchy song, “I Luh Ya Papi,” Jennifer Lopez performs on an extravagant white yacht in Miami while almost completely unclothed men dance around her. This video represents a reversal in typical gender roles while leading to a stride towards social change against our structured ideology.

With dozens of naked men being placed in positions of objectivity, Jennifer Lopez strides to break traditional gender roles in media which usually objectify women. Instead of a male music artist such as Robin Thick who had a dozen completely bare-naked women clawing for his attention in his skeevy video “Blurred Lines,” Jennifer Lopez places men in the stereotypical place of the female in her music video. The reason why Lopez would care to do such a thing in her video can be supported by Deborah Cameron’s analysis on discourse. In her essay, Hidden Agendas? Critical Discourse Analysis, Deborah Cameron discusses how certain scripts and storylines can form realities outside of the television or YouTube channel.

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