Nike’s plus-size mannequin is business decision

Since Nike debuted its new mannequin, searches of “Nike” and “plus size” have grown by 387% and clicks on the mannequin’s tights increased 200% on British fashion retailer Love the Sales.

It didn’t take long for critics to find something — anything — negative to say about the retailer’s decision.A particularly vocal opponent to the new mannequins is Tanya Gold, a British journalist who wrote an op-ed over the weekend for The Telegraph titled, “Obese mannequins are selling a dangerous lie.” In her piece, Tanya argues that the plus-size mannequins are “immense, gargantuan, vast” and disclosed that she is “not readying herself for a run in her shiny Nike gear.”

Actress and body positive activist Jameela Jamil wasted no time calling out Tanya for her piece, saying that her stance is “hateful, judgemental, and uneducated.”

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