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Say NO to sexist ads! If you want companies and advertising agencies stop using gender stereotypes and female bodies to sell everything and anything, click here! We ask the European Union to strengthen its laws against sexism in the media in line with the views of the European Parliament ( 2008/2038; 2010/1751; 2012/2116) and treat sexism in the same way as racism or xenophobia. The media have a great responsibility in promoting equality between women and men. For too long, the representations of women have been misused by the media advertising; we continue, as people working for equality, to fight against stereotypes. More and more often and louder, we say NO to sexist advertising! • We reject these images that reduce women’s bodies into their body partyand constantly talk about their sexuality without any relevance to the product. • We can not accept that more than half of the European population is expected to lack confidence and possibly suffer eating disorders to comply with an arbitrary ideal, manufactured by advertising pressure. We say it out loud: NO to sexist adverts! #NoToSexistAdverts   Petition in Italian Petition in French

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