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Women Are Improving This “Beach Body” Advert With Their Own Body-Positive Messages

The advert, for the "fitness and sports nutrition" store Protein World, caused a stir on social media – so women began vandalising the posters on the tube.

A spokesperson for Transport for London confirmed to BuzzFeed UK News that the adverts are being removed from the underground. They said the posters were at the “end of their advertising cycle” and that although they had seen press about the ads, they were unable to confirm whether official complaints had been been made. TfL provided an official statement: “This advertisement will begin to be removed from our network as scheduled from tomorrow. We have received one complaint about it and we will be guided by The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) if a similar advert were to be submitted again. We have zero tolerance towards graffiti on the network and take action to prevent it and remove it.”

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BuzzFeed News also contacted the advertising partner for TfL, Exterion Media Metro Services. An Exterion Media spokesperson said:

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‘SNL’ parodies sexist stereotypes in Super Bowl ads

In an all-too-real parody, Saturday Night Life poked fun at the way some football ads portray women as nothing more than eager-to-please snack-getters. The sketch features a bored housewife that uses her all-new Totino’s Super Bowl Activity Pack, which includes cheap toys to keep her occupied while the game is on.

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Gender-flips are a simple and smart way to turn sexism on its head

Australian comedy duo Bondi Hipsters have gone viral by subverting Miranda Kerr’s GQ photoshoot – and even Jennifer Lopez has got in on the act

Bondi Hipsters Miranda Kerr GQ

Bondi Hipster

Sometimes the best way to make a point about sexism is also the simplest. Australian comedians the Bondi Hipsters parodied this month’s British GQ by showing heavily bearded Dom Nader mimicking the naked poses struck by model Miranda Kerr. Their shoot went viral. Christiaan Van Vuuren, Nader’s real-life alter ego, told the Huffington Post that the idea was a response to “the over-sexualisation of the female body in the high-fashion world. For some reason, as soon as you put a man in there … it’s an entirely different thing that we aren’t used to seeing.”

Gender-flips used to challenge sexist stereotypes are having a moment. Last week, in a Guardian video, Leah Green went undercover, acting out scenarios reported by women to the Everyday Sexism website. She asked a barman if he’d give her a lapdance, for example, prompting obvious bemusement.

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Krakers beplakken billboard met pedo-sticker|Binnenland| Telegraaf.nl

Het billboard op Mauritskade

AMSTERDAM – Linkse activisten hebben zondagnacht in Amsterdam actie gevoerd tegen een in hun ogen seksistische reclame van modebedrijf American Apparel. Een billboard van het bedrijf op de Mauritskade werd beplakt met een sticker van pedofielenvereniging Martijn.

“De reclame is een typisch voorbeeld hoe een utopische beeld wordt geschept waaraan vrouwen dienen te voldoen. De vrouw lijkt ontzettend jong, heeft vrijwel geen kleren, is onnatuurlijk dun, heeft geen haar op haar benen, ze heeft grote borsten en kijkt gewillig de camera in”, zo wordt de actie op internet gerechtvaardigd.

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