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Dating App for over 50s

Dating app Lumen persuades over-50s to strip down for pro-age protest ads

Each person featured in the campaign presents an eye-catching message in support of their cause to such as: ‘Grey hair don’t care’, ‘Nobody puts Granny in the corner’ and ‘It’s our time to be seen’; different iterations of which will be presented to commuters on the London Underground from Monday (8 April).

The campaign launch follows on from Lumen’s ‘Sexy Santa’ ad, which was accused of ‘objectifying’ an older model, being banned from the Transport for London (TfL) network last year.

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Study Shows The Exact Age Actresses Begin Getting Paid Less


Researchers examined the top 265 earning actresses and actors in Hollywood films from 1968 to 2008. While a female movie star’s average salary per film steadily increases in her 20s, this number drops off rapidly after she turns 34. Male actors’ compensation however, peaks around age 51 and shows no signs of decreasing with age. According to the study, “Men’s well-worn faces are thought to convey maturity, character and experience. A woman’s face, on the other hand, is valued for appearing young.”

Hollywood doesn’t allow women to age, which encourages the idea that growing older is not acceptable — even though it is inevitable (and beautiful).

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