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Reclame en media moeten een eerlijke weergave van onze diverse samenleving tonen

Onze samenleving is nog sterk hetero- en gendernormatief. Er zijn nog steeds rollen, gedragingen en houdingen die eerder als mannelijk of vrouwelijk worden gezien. Wie daar niet aan voldoet wordt al snel afgestraft met vreemde blikken, gefluister of zelfs agressie. Ook reclame blijft vaak vasthangen aan traditionel rolpatronen. Daar wil Wel Jong Niet Hetero iets aan veranderen.

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Just 19% of people in ads are from minority groups

Minority groups are featured in less than 20% of advertising, according to new research, but given 65% of people would feel more favourable about a brand that promotes diversity, companies are missing a huge opportunity to connect with consumers.

Minority groups including single parents, disabled people and the LGBT community continue to be let down by brands who are failing to create diverse and inclusive advertising, according to new research by Lloyds Banking Group, shown exclusively to Marketing Week.

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Transgender Teen is New Face of Clean & Clear Campaign


Jazz Jennings is a 14-year-old transgender teen, and the new face of Johnson & Johnson’s Clean & Clear #SeeTheRealMe campaign. The campaign provides a social media platform for personal coming of age stories.

Jazz recently told POPSUGAR, “the ‘See the Real Me’ campaign is so great at helping girls find the courage to open up to their peers and be themselves, and I could really relate to that. I knew doing this campaign would help a lot of teens who are struggling like I did.”

J3/UM Studios created the online content campaign that has generated a ton of positive coverage since its debut, positioning Clean & Clear as a progressive brand making significant strides in promoting acceptance while raising cultural awareness of the transgender community.

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Germany: Stopping Sexist Advertisements- Stop Street Harassment

Lea Goelnitz, Berlin, Germany, Blog Correspondent

Sexist advertisement is still the norm in many countries, but fortunately there is resistance. Many companies ignore women as potential buyers when they create their advertisement and so use women to sell their products to men. In general most ads are still dominated by very rigid gender stereotypes, therefore it was quite unusual when the jewelry company Tiffany launched an ad that features a gay couple (though it is still aimed at a male audience, featuring two white men).

Why does this matter? A dialogue comparing German and Swedish ads proves the link between ads and how a society values women and how advanced gender equality is. In the German ad the same product is advertised showing women being stupid, doing chores or being naked, while in Swedish ads men and women are more likely to be portrayed as equal partners or it shows men playing with children. In Sweden, more men go on paternity leave than in Germany and working hours are more adapted to family responsibilities of both partners.

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Votez pour la meilleure pub LGBT de l’année 2012 | Yagg

Les personnages LGBT ont peuplé l’univers de la pub cette année encore. Faites votre choix!

1. Un couple gay pour Ikea Italie
Et si, dans certains pays, les entreprises faisaient avancer les droits des LGBT? Ikea, le géant suédois du meuble a, ces dernières années, mis en scène à plusieurs reprises des couples homos dans ses publicités.

2. La pub androgyne de Toyota:
La nouvelle Auris (ex-Corolla) se veut hors normes, Toyota a donc voulu le dire clairement dans ses publicités – dans celles qui seront diffusées au Japon en tout cas. Le slogan, d’abord: «Not in trend, not casual, not for everyone» («Pas tendance, pas ordinaire, pas pour tout le monde»). Le mannequin, ensuite: Stav Strashko, 19 ans, parfaitement androgyne.

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